Join Trial Consulting Network

Trial Consulting Firms, Jury Consultants:

If you are a leader in trial presentation or jury consulting services in your area, and would like to expand your horizons to include the entire U.S., this is your opportunity to get in on a proven and successful business model.

Trial Consulting Network is a national referral system of preferred and established providers, with potential opportunities for partnership. This your chance to join forces with over 30 national leaders in trial consulting. Contact us for details.

Court Reporters, Paralegals, Legal Videographers, other Litigation Support Vendors:

If you provide other litigation support services such as court reporting or legal videography, and would like to have a reputable and trustworthy referral outlet, contact us. We offer a very attractive referral program.

Trial Consulting Network is a national trial support consortium, made up of many of the best trial consultants in the nation, which offers a referral fee for any work sent in by Court Reporters. This can amount to several thousand dollars per trial referral. We do not offer or refer court reporting services, so we are not a threat to your business.

All we need from you to qualify for a referral are the case and contact info of the trial teams getting ready to go to trial, along with any additional info that might be helpful to us in bringing in the trial. We can handle it from there. If we get the trial, you'll get the referral.

Five great benefits of Trial Consulting Network:

  • All trial consultants and techs are experienced and vetted
  • You will get a referral fee (non-members may also refer work in)
  • We have over 30 top providers across the nation
  • You can receive referral business (Trial Consulting Members only)
  • You don’t have to do the hunting and sorting – just one call or email

Please send us an email, or give us a call:
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