Trial Consulting Network Philosophy

Several years ago, only large firms with large cases could afford the added expense of utilizing technology in trial. Now, the risk of not using technology is a significant negative factor, especially when considering the added efficiency of rapidly presenting exhibits and deposition testimony in trial.

There are reasons that our Court systems continue to spend money on courtroom technology - even in the face of an economic crisis. They understand that cases may be tried in less time, and that jurors will be able to better understand the evidence. With over 30 locations across the nation, Trial Consulting Network can assist with your trial technology, allowing you to present your case in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Since we don't have a massive team of sales professionals and management, or the overhead of supporting them, we are in a position to offer what the large companies cannot – The level of experience, professionalism and service that only a small business can provide, and without the top-heavy layers of overhead and staffing. In other words, Trial Consulting Network offers a national presence, but with a local attitude.

Now, you can have the top names in the profession working with you on your case, rather than some trainee working for a minimal salary, while you pay top-dollar for their services. Cost does not always equal value. Who is your trial support provider? Calling us to request our rate sheet and trial estimate may be one of the best decisions you'll make for your client.

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