Trial Consulting Network Rates

Our services are generally invoiced on an hourly basis, and in some cases, a daily rate may be available. Having the flexibility of a small firm (over 30 of them, actually), we are often able to offer rates that are more in line with the trial venue. This "geographically sensitive" approach may save your client thousands of dollars.

Although the only way to really have an idea of what your trial support might cost is to request our rate sheet and an estimate, our rate structure is in line with other trial prep and presentation providers, and will vary according to the rate of the person(s) actually handling your case.

The thing that sets Trial Consulting Network apart from the other major providers is our structure. Our large network is made up of many smaller "boutique" firms. This model means less overhead and lower management costs, resulting in a better value for your client. Your case will be handled by an experienced trial professional -- not an inexperienced trainee.

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